How to obtain corporate assets in 2019 without costs thanks to an innovative business model

Obtaining corporate funding  in 2019 at no cost is now possible.
In this article we will show you how to access them quickly and easily thanks to innovative business models.

In 2019 it is difficult to get money for your business, as banks are a financing channel that has changed and compel you to deal with its new strategies. Today, being backed by these institutions because you have an enterprise, is no longer simple and automatic.

That is why it is necessary to rethink how to access credit and diversify the sources of liquidity. If you want to survive you have to learn to rely on alternative points of money supply.

raggiungere visibilità nel mercato con business model innovativiAs we have explained in this article, before submitting a request for funding you need to be different from the various realities in the territory and gain visibility in the market of primary investors.

Expanding in the financial market on your own, with only your strength, is a big limit, as the competition, in any kind of enterpreneural field, is plentiful and leaves no room to those who do not renew themselves and who do not create new business models.

You’re probably wondering how you can address this fact.

You simply have to get a certain notoriety within private investors area and stand out from other companies that are searching for funds.

Why is being in the spotlight important?
Because the more visible your company will be in the market, the lower the costs will be, on the contrary, less visibility in the market will lead to an increase in costs as you will be forced to attract investors by promising higher fees.

Today success in the non-banking market belongs to those who have managed to make themselves visible with appealing projects and innovative business models.

In this regard, we can consider the example of a company that has managed to stand out in with its innovative product: LEGO.

esempio di business model presente nel mercatoLEGO is the most famous Danish toy manufacturer in the world. Who does not know, have never seen or played with the famous colorful bricks?

Have you ever wondered how LEGO has managed to become a leader in the toy market despite the ruthless and cheap competition?

Because it has managed to create an innovative business model by growing and developing new ways of working.

The change for the company has been necessary because, over the years, customers’ behavior has changed, competition has increased and LEGO progressively lost money and market share. Wanting to address these problems, the company implemented a series of strategies to regain its position in the industry: it started focusing on its customers and their users’experience, paid the required royalties to use characters from famous films, improved its position and reduced the number of unique pieces.

Lego has transformed the world of the toy industry into a truly winning and client-oriented business standard.

Here’s what you need to do to make yourself attractive and visible to the financial market

To make yourself attractive and visible to the financial market, you have to build a successful project!

Only if your entrepreneurial goal is more interesting, more original and more attractive than your competitors’, you will be able to distinguish yourself and stand out.

realizzare un progetto imprenditoriale vincente per rendersi visibili nel mercatoUntil a few years ago, to make a business appealing and present it accordingly to investors, the classic business plan form was used, but today it has become outdated and is no more enough.

Why this set of documents inadequate?

Because it has only one aspect: the description of a business. In most cases, it is blueprinted, which makes it uninteresting and boring. In addition to this, it should not be overlooked that investors, in 2019, are bombarded every day with proposals of all kinds, but they devote their time only to what is most engaging to them.

The, it is vital to design an effective project, different from all the others, and to use a distinct business model.

Being innovative is a necessary and very important operation that reduces the risk of becoming obsolete and noncompetitive.

Let’s take one step at a time: we talked about business plan and business model, by deepening this topics we can better understand the difference.

Business model Vs Business plan

A business model explains, quickly and easily, how a company creates, delivers and acquires value and can adapt over time.

A business plan presents the company’s strategy and expected economic and financial performance for the years to come.

However, we’ve ascertained that a business plan in 2019 is not enough to achieve the needed market visibility.

Where can a valid solution be found?

For your company and your entrepreneurial dream you need to create a business model that makes your project a reality and is, at the same time, very accomplishable for you.

Here is the most fitting solution:

Since C&G Capital is extremely aware of this need, it has developed the PLANELÌTE method: the strategy to increase and drive your success!

strategia per accelerare il successo imprenditoriale nel mercato

What is Planelìte?

Planelìte is the business model created by C&G Capital, which allows you, within the Kredway Method, to actualize your project the way potential investors want.

  • The whole path becomes certified Kredway Method
  • It grants the possibility to have the total reimbursement of all expenses and, therefore, to be able to obtain the financing at no cost.

You may be asking yourself, “How do you get it?

As a segment of the Kredway Method, Planelìte is part of the procedure we follow for our customers.

We start with your entrepreneurial dream or your economic need to carry out your projects, we prepare a preliminary check-up, followed by a Kredway analysis and we act in accordance with precise financial path.

Planelìte is easily understood, is part of an accredited system, has no cost and manages to make you attractive to the financial market.

Thanks to the Kredway analysis we are able to highlight the critical areas of your company that are linked to various factors: finance, product, market, commercial activity, production.

Today, as mentioned above, we are judged by the market of private entrepreneurs on the basis of our growth. Planelìte is the only tool that, thanks to the planning of the business idea, creates the required visibility in the medium and long term, validates the entire agenda and allows you to have it all at no cost.

This way C&G Capital becomes your only interlocutor because of its Kreadway Method.

In what does the Kredway Method consist?

The Kredway Method is the fastest, safest and most certified way to access credit.

It is definitely the best solution for you to grow and stand out in the financial market. The management of your project will be followed by a single subject with a single business objective and a defined and stabilized program. The administration will be delegated and this will allow prevention of unforeseen events. Costs will be determined and certain with the possibility of a total refund.

Through this article you understood how funding is possible in 2019 at zero cost: with the Kredway Method, and, included in it, Planelìte, as the business model able to organize your project.

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